Breathe New Life

by Enders Game

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Heavy, melody-driven metal with powerful hooks, memorable choruses, and driving grooves combining elements of early thrash with modern rhythms.


released July 7, 2006

Produced by Matt Washburn & Enders Game.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Matt Washburn at Ledbelly Sound, March 4,5,13 2006 (

Album Artwork, Design & Layout - Ilkem Aysin (
Band photos - Jason Kravitz
Enders Game logo - Dave Merrill



all rights reserved


Enders Game Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Splintered and Broken
ignorant child!

splintered, broken
words left unspoken
hold in my hands, my heart, abandoned
too scared to face it, but powerless to break it

alone for the first time, but not for the last time
assembling the pieces of this splintered pile

splintered, broken
words left unspoken
hole in my hands, my heart, abandoned
ignorant child can you find your way home this time?

this splintered pile of bones tells me no
seeds that were sewn are now overgrown
smothering and choking this garden that once was me

like a stab in my back you were there for me
picking at the pieces of the pile
taking all that’s left, i see i’m your trophy
a mantle-prop of this once innocent child

for every piece unbroken
a thousand more are falling down

alone for the first time, but not for the last time
you’re smothering and choking this garden of me
Track Name: Stand Alone
envision a picture-perfect life
then watch that picture slowly fade away
a frame of colors too blurred to see
but memories that echo loud and clear

have to see to believe
cannot make the leap to believe in a faith that opens you up to be deceived
how i’m looking to believe; still i want to believe
oh, how i want to believe

i stand alone
why is it we must suffer eternal isolation?
just let it pass it will soon be over

it’s almost over now
you better waste no time
or you’ll find you’ve wasted life

won’t you let it go?

you feel your life is wasted time and time has wasted you
content to lie and sleep, but breathless sleep lasts forever

now close your eyes
and say good night
Track Name: Forgiveness
now that you're cold and dead inside
nothing for me
now that you’ve taken on my life

i've never seen it through your eyes
that part of me that you despise
i should have taken your advice
and left you cold and dead, like me

my only escape for too long
and opportunity now too far gone

an opportunity now gone

once in a lifetime an opportunity comes along to forgive someone
but you turned your back

and as i read between lines
your story falls apart
as i look in from the outside
i see you’re cold and dead at heart

how long will it be until i see forgiveness?
this time it has to end, but nothing’s there

bleeding out intense frustration; seething
always just one more moment
no way, not here

bleeding out just one more moment
take away this whole from nothing

i finally see it in your eyes

you're bleeding me
what is it that you see in me?
i'm nothing!
why can’t you let me go?
Track Name: The Powers that Bleed
in my own time i will rise

into the light i walk all alone, where no man can cower me
where innocence is lost

not a stronger man in power
why deny what goes inside of me?
this passion, sickness fills the air i’m breathing
no sin
nothing ever goes as planned down here

i'm so cold inside
fear is lost on me
feel the power bleed
you can't stop this denigration

the best intentions fail, without fail

innocent to me, these powers that bleed
inside i'm just so cold

never fall
into the light i walk alone
breathe in sick and breathe out life
when innocence is lost, enter the powers that bleed
Track Name: Autumn Leaves
hell, deep inside, is knowing that you'll walk away
turning, falling, fading out as you're never less than eternity away

i'm sorry for ever trusting you
this emotion was the only thing left true

these chains remain
pulling me under again and again
love - no love
you tell me it's over before it begins

never again will i see your smile
love turns inside out
unfelt, but not in me
never again will i die inside from lies

you never said you're sorry
you turned away
instinctively i wall you out to a memory that fades away (in time)

tears of sorrow cannot wash away this stain of pain
but the clean the slate anew

this pain remains
pulling me under again and again
love - to know love
is to know that it's over before it begins

never again will i feel your breath
love holds pain's touch
unfelt, but not in me
never again will i die inside from lies

turn away
walk tall through leaves that fall
this never ends for me

you walked away from me and left me for dead
but now my dead hands rise
and now my lost soul flies

never again with your lies!

tell me it's over before it begins
never again - no love
unfelt - never