Game Over

by Enders Game

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First Enders Game Demo/EP


released March 31, 2003

Kevin Freeman - Vocals
Jarrod Johnson - Lead Guitar
Dave Merrill - Rhythm Guitar
Shon Harp - Bass
Jeff Gardner - Drums

Recorded at Ledbelly Studio, March 2003
Produced by Enders Game
Engineered by Matt Washburn, Ledbelly Sound
Artwork and Logos by David Merrill



all rights reserved


Enders Game Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Life in Oblivion
so you feel you're in control of yourself?
injecting demons, your veins flowing with hell
you're the one who built the walls of your cell
the only architect for you is your mind

so you say you're just expanding your mind?
another line, it's just a trip for your mind
you're the one who's got those vacant, glazes eyes
reflecting nothing, you're just fooling yourself


living on the edge...'re numbing your mind
...your life's in decline're six feet away
...from total decay!

a life in oblivion is no way to live
don't you see?
your life has just passed you by
i say, where is your mind?
where is your mind?
Track Name: 7th Circle
i can't take it, no, there's no more holding on
no one told me i'd have to be this strong
those secrets that always kept the pain away
now reveal my every weakness

baptize me in your pool and keep my head held under
don't let me breathe again until you've seen me suffer

this can't be, i must be hearing lies
can't see beyond my blinded eyes
my thoughts have always just belonged to me
now they're stripped bare for the world to see

convict me of a crime and keep me locked away
don't let me out again until you see me suffer

now i can't breathe again
won't you let me suffer?
now i'm locked away again
won't you let me suffer?

take the good with the bad
that's the only choice you have
leave your life with others
they will only leave you mad
open eyes can see the world
but closed they do no good
an open mind lets in the light
but close it up and it's black as night

disorient yourself inside the seventh circle
there are no secrets kept inside the seventh circle
these waters hold the key and now your mind is open
this fire lights the way and now your eyes are open

ignorance is so much better than
living life with open eyes
Track Name: Shedding Faith
if the sands of time fall through my hands,
would you still call me a man?
if not for things that i could not see,
rejection would not be a part of me
all this time i believed in you,
and you lost your way
i hope you can understand
why you're not a part of me!

shedding faith, unto me
i'm not blind, but i can see
shedding faith, on to me
you're not the same as you used to be

i feel your soul as you're letting go
my feelings i will never show
all of this is hard to believe
you're so unreal to me

never saw the colors used to hide
all the rust in your mistrust
all that remains you left with me
all that remains is still unseen

shedding faith, unto me!
just let go!

feel the faith that you shed for me
feel the silence come over me
buried deep inside the past ahead
you're alive, yet somehow dead to me
you're dead to me

never glued together pieces of this broken life
i have no answers, i do not cry
degraded values through distained eyes

shedding faith, on to me!
shed my faith, on to you
shed my faith
on to you
Track Name: S.K.D. (Systematic Killing of the American Dream)
step up!
be the first in line to have everything stripped from you
how long did you think that they would pass you by?
taking those inalienable rights
i'm not one of the walking blind
stand up - not right
guard down - must fight
first glance appears the same,
decipher the fine-print-pacifist
don't you know? - the legislature's changed!

i'm not one, you ought to know
who will sit around and watch everything that holds the bond until it's gone
the systematic killing of
everything you thought you hold so close is gone - it's gone!

so, now we're left to rip through their red tape
passing "it's your fault" laws, the lawyer's suit is pressed
another slap in the face of justice, i expect nothing less
inconvenience store america, sucking alcohol down
rural road passenger mowing people down
flier in my mailbox says keep my kids close
molester, rapist found
moving to my town
yeah i'll keep you close - cold in the ground!

now that it's gone, won't you make them bring it back
all you hold so close inside it's gone - it's gone!

can't take this from me
take this from me,
take it from me, don't you know?
can you save me?
it's too late
can you say? take it away, take all these rights from me!

first amendment states
all my speech is free
gonna have to take the throat
to take it away from me
written in black-and-white
you struggle for simple freedoms
are you going to stand and fight
and bring on back
stand and bring it back
fight to bring it back
stand and bring it back the way it ought to be

it's the systematic killing of the american dream
now people stand up and bring it back!